We live the sneaker lifestyle.

Sneakers are not just a fashion item. They are a way of life. We love the thrill of the hunt. The search for that rare pair of sneakers is addicting. It’s like a roller-coaster ride every time we find a new pair. We feel like rock stars when we walk into a sneaker shop and see our favorite models on display. We feel like sneaker freaks when we have to go to another sneaker concert to meet the designer and buy their latest limited edition model. Sneakers are more than just shoes, they are an obsession!

Collecting sneakers is a hobby for some people, but for others it's a way of life and expression that integrates into the rest of their design and their flex, as well as a way to share their passion and love for sneakers with others who enjoy them as well.  At Dope Street Shoes, we’re always thinking about sneakers in all aspects of our daily life. For us, having the perfect pair of sneakers means having a very special relationship with our favorite brands. We want to feel like we are part of something that people respect and admire.

When you join Dope Street Shoes, you are joining our family of sneakerheads who know how to appreciate the best shoes out there!

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Dope Street Shoes Sneaker Style Identity

Sneaker collecting is a passion. It is a way to express your individuality and connect with others. The shoes you wear say something about you. Your tastes reflect your personality.

There are many ways to collect shoes. You can collect by brand, shoe model or colorway. You can collect by type of material, or collection of different styles. You can collect by size, or by collecting certain eras of the shoe in question. There are also many sub-categories within each category that you can choose from. For example, you could collect Converse All Stars, All Stars x Converse, Old Skool and Vans Sk8-Hi. Whatever it is you're looking for, Dope Street Shoes can help track down the sneaker of your dreams.

Dope Street Shoes Sneaker Family

We live the sneaker lifestyle.

There are a lot of companies that say “we really do love what we do,” or businesses that say they “are family.”  At Dope Street Shoes it’s not just something we say. We’re a sneakerhead family. We were sneaker freakers long before we made our passion our job. And when you bring us your sneakers to take care of - your families’ sneakers to take care of, you become a part of ours.

Dope Street Shoes is located in the back of Everything Ellum in Deep Ellum, historic Downtown Dallas, Texas.  We’re always happy to see you

Dope Street Shoes Sneaker Lifestyle

Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

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• Deep Clean
• So Fresh and So Clean
• Hazard Waste
• Add Ons

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