Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

There's a lot of different reasons to keep up with Dope Street Shoes. We’re always trying new things in small batches. We manage to get our hands on fresh drops that you might have missed out on online. And we keep your kicks fresh and your feet comfortable for days.

These days, there's no shortage of options for buying sneakers but not a lot of opportunity or supply. You can shop for new shoes online but that doesn’t mean you’ll get an invite on a limited drop. So if you're keeping your eyes open for authentic and unique, you should regularly check in at the sneaker boutique, cleaning and restoration center that is Dope Street Shoes.

At Dope Street Shoes you will likely come across new brands or products that you have never seen before. We cast a wide net and we keep trying new things, from big brand variants to independent runs to limited drops.  By keeping up with dope street fashion, you will be able seeing the latest trends and newest flex without breaking your bank.

When it comes to great shoes, you have to be on constant lookout for new trends. The world of street shoes is always changing and evolving. With new technology and lower barriers to entry, there are new independent brands popping up all over the place, making it harder to keep up with what's out there. This can make it challenging to know what’s fresh and what’s not in a crowded industry. The good news is that you don't have to worry about that with Dope Street Shoes. This is our obsession, this is our lifestyle. If we wouldn’t have it in our lives, we won’t have it in our shop.  And if we’re trying something out and it doesn’t hold up we’ll be quick to replace it and honest about why.

At Dope Street Shoes, we clean your sneakers, we keep your flex fresh, we restore your kicks to that new shoe smell. And we got an eclectic and ever changing supply of dope street apparel, consignment sneakers and dead stock shoes. See you again soon.

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Dope Street Shoes Fresh Consignments and Dead Stock Inventory

Dope Street Shoes Cleans And Restores Shoes

Dope Street Shoes Cleans And Restores Sneakers

Dope Street Shoes In Deep Ellum Cleans And Restores Shoes

Dope Street Shoes in Deep Ellum Fresh Consignments and Dead Stock Inventory

Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

• Basic Wash
• Deep Clean
• So Fresh and So Clean
• Hazard Waste
• Add Ons

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