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Dope Street Shoes has dedicated a space for Custom Studio work. And if you have seen our latest post featuring the sports team custom job we just featured you may be thinking, "I'd love to have them customize my kicks like that, but they probably only do big jobs."

So we're featuring this custom job we did for a single pair of custom sneakers.

This blog post is all about custom sneakers. These are the essential pieces of footwear for any sneakerhead’s dream come true. And we've made it affordable to get into a fashion trend that’s current, unique, and fun as hell!

Custom sneakers are a pair of your favorite kicks with a little extra something added - but more than that for some of us, they're a fashion necessity and a way of life. Like tattoos or skin art or music or poetry, our custom kicks become an extension of who we are and separate us from the hundreds of others that look just like it, but can never aspire to be us.

However, not everyone knows how to take the next step into becoming the ultimate sneakerhead by getting their own custom kicks. And that is where Dope Street Shoes Custom Studio comes in. We use industry standard materials and best practices when detailing and painting and refurbishing sneakers.  We have the equipment and the experience and the talent to make your dream come true.

If you're looking to impress your friends with your new vintage kicks or simply want to explore what this craze is all about then come into our shop and talk to Brax or Tom about what Dope Street Shoes Custom Studio can do for you. Bring your art, your design or your ideas and let us bring your best flex to life.

Talk to us at Dope Street Shoes, located in the back of Everything Ellum at 2715 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226.

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