Dope Street Shoes Custom Studio

Dope Street Shoes has set aside space for a dedicated studio for custom shoe orders.

Sport teams, corporate teams, dance troupes, anyone who needs more flare than the average bear - check out these hand-painted, professionally produced custom shop sneakers.

These sneakers went to a basketball girls team for a local texas highschool. They were thrilled with the results and stunned and excited by the coach's fantastic surprise!

Dope Street Shoes Custom Studio has done all original custom work on a single pair - no job is too small.

From the discerning customer with a need for a one-and-only flex, to national brands with incentive team building, Dope Street Shoes Custom Studio can take your vision and create collectible shoes that will stand you above the crowd.

Dope Street Shoes has been collecting, cleaning and customizing sneakers as true sneakerheads for the better part of the last decade. Opening our custom studio has been a life passion turned into business with a long and storied past. Coupling out experience with training from leading industry figures and using authentic and industry top products, you can rest assured that the end result is of high quality and industry standards.

So check in with us at Dope Street Shoes and let's talk about what the Custom Studio can do for you. A sales team incentive? Flair for your flex? Your sports team? Your MVP? Your person of the year? of the month? Special anniversary? Special announcement?

Talk to us at Dope Street Shoes, located in the back of Everything Ellum at 2715 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226, or Direct Message us on any of our Social Media, preferably Instagram if you're there.

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Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

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• Deep Clean
• So Fresh and So Clean
• Hazard Waste
• Add Ons

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