Get Your Kicks Done Right: Dope Street Shoes Got You

If you're lookin' to keep your Nike Nyjahs lookin' fresh, Dope Dope Street Shoes is where it's at. Here's the deal:

Expert Sneaker TLC: We're talkin' about a next-level clean here. From basic wash to deep clean, we bring your kicks back to life. Say goodbye to dirt and scuffs - we got you covered.

Custom Studio Magic: Wanna take it up a notch? Our custom studio is the place to be. Let's talk about givin' your Nike Nyjahs a whole new look that's as unique as you are.

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So, if your sneakers need some love, swing by our spot at Everything Ellum in Dallas, TX. Let's get those kicks lookin' fresh and keepin' you on top of your sneaker game at Dope Street Shoes!


Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

• Basic Wash
• Deep Clean
• So Fresh and So Clean
• Hazard Waste
• Add Ons

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