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In history, some shoes were ill-designed. But now, most Nike sneakers are custom-made so that they’re durable and these materials can withstand a lot of wear and tear—so your kicks should last for a long time!

If your shoes are well-cared for, they can be cleaned on a regular basis so they’re always looking fresh.

Dope Street Shoes continue to clean kicks, making them the freshest on your feet. These Nike Blazer Mid Premium Vintage QS Suede Ice Cream are chill suede with textured swoosh and require extra care and specialized knowledge in cleaning to get it back to its original shape. Dope Street Shoes specializes in cleaning even the most difficult materials and most fickle of textiles. 

Are your shoes ready for renewal, with scuffs and dirt? Dope Street Shoes are custom-cleaned so that they’re not only sanitized but look like new. You can trust Dope Street Shoes to really know their materials and understand what is possible in cleaning and restoring materials.

If you bring your kicks to Dope Street Shoes, you can rest assured that they’ll get that fresh flex feel. So, your kicks can be fashionable for a long time!

The iconic Nike Blazer sneaker has had a long history. It’s been around since 1971, as a performance basketball shoe and has remained one of the most popular sneakers on the market. It  was the first shoe designed by Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman. Inspired by Chuck Taylor’s All-Star style sneakers with a similar silhouette, Bowerman wanted a shoe that would provide good traction on hardwood floors. He experimented with a number of rubber compounds and found one that created an exceptional grip. 

He recruited a number of basketball players to test the product on behalf of Nike. The Blazer was named after the Portland Trail Blazers by ​​George “The Iceman” Gervin. When they were satisfied with the performance, they agreed to sign sponsorship deals. 

The Blazer had an inspired look and as an alternative to leather, featured suede. Most importantly, the shoe had a low top with a curved ankle strap. The first of its kind. It was widely popular among basketball players because of its simplicity and lightweight construction. The first Blazer model was released in February 1973. It was named after the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. 

This design went on to be one of Nike’s most iconic sneakers ever, with more than $1 billion in sales worldwide since release. Due to the popularity of the sneaker, Nike later produced two iconic models: the Air Blazer and the Air Force 1 Mid. 

There are many different types of Blazer sneakers out there, including: 

- The OG Blazer: These are the original Nike Blazer sneakers, and are still available today. They’re made with a suede upper, rubber sole, and a lace-up collar for a snug fit. 

- The Low Top Blazer: These sneakers have a flat toe cap and less padding in the ankle area than other models. They also feature signature details like the Swoosh logo on both sides to make your style pop even more. 

- The Mid Top Blazer: These sneakers look similar to the Low Top model, but come with a higher ankle cuff for extra support. They also have a soft leather upper for comfort all day long.

These are various high and low-top versions of the Nike Blazer, as well as highly regarded collaborations, to discover through the past, present and future.

Over the years, Nike has tweaked the design. Making subtle improvements like changing the toe box shape from round to square or adding stretch laces. There are many different colors and types of Blazer shoes that can be purchased today, including low top basketball shoes, high top basketball shoes, and non-basketball shoes for running or walking. And over time it has gained a cult following among sneakerheads who collect vintage models and customize them with extra rubber or paint jobs.

They also come with cool features, such as Velcro straps for easy on/off and reflective strips for visibility at night. 

Nike blazers have been and continue to be a favorite among Nike athletes. While some of the first versions were made exclusively for basketball, today they’re worn by runners, golfers and skiers.

Check out the results of these cleaned up kicks!

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Nike Blazer Mid Before Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid After Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid Before Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid After Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid Before Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid After Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid Before Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid After Cleaning

Nike Blazer Mid Premium Vintage QS Suede Ice Cream cleaned by Dope Street Shoes in Dallas, Texas.

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