YUMS Dragon Fruit all new at Dope Street Shoes

Red Like A Dragon and Juicy Like the Fruit

Hey everybody, YUMS (You Understand My Style™) came by and dropped another fresh flavor on us! Covered in mad juicy red and trimmed in leafy green this Dragon Fruit flavor will stand out across the room and impress the dressed to flex.

This Fine Flavor Will Fly Off the Shelves

Dragon Fruit is here and just like fresh fruit will not last.  You're not going to see these in person in any other store in the woooorld. And when the sizes are sold these are GONE, GONE, GONE — so don't wait to visit us in the back of Everything Ellum at 2715 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226 just West of N. Crowdus Street.

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YUMS Sneakers Flavor Dragon Fruit at Dope Street Shoes

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