Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

Dope Street Shoes in Deep Ellum cleans and restores sneakers and shoes.

Dope Street Shoes located in the back of Everything Ellum washes and cleans shoes by hand with years of experience.

Shoes can be washed by hand when following best practices and proper industry methods for cleaning leather and shoe materials.

Dope Street Shoes combines a decade of cleaning and shoe restoration experience with recent industry training and best practices.

Dope Street Shoes uses only brand authentic materials and industry standard cleaners and paints.

You spend a lot of money on your sneakers, your flex. You wouldn't walk around in an Armani Suit with gum on it? You wouldn't wear a coat out after dragging it through mud? You take your nice threads to the cleaners? Why wouldn't you spend the same money and care on something you've equally invested in, but not equally kept clean.

Dope Street Shoes can restore your sneakers, from insoles to insteps, from heel to toe. With new and improved inserts and laces we can freshen your kicks back to new shoe smell and bright whites and crisp colors.

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Dope Street Shoes Cleans And Washes Sneakers And Shoes

Dope Street Shoes Cleans And Restores Shoes

Dope Street Shoes Cleans And Restores Sneakers

Dope Street Shoes In Deep Ellum Cleans And Restores Shoes

Gucci Ace Sneaker Cleaning After Right

Nike Air Max Plus Premium Full Volt Deep Clean After Right

Air Jordan 1 Low Brushstroke Swoosh Laced Deep Clean

Sneaker Cleaning and Restoration

• Basic Wash
• Deep Clean
• So Fresh and So Clean
• Hazard Waste
• Add Ons

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