Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Heritage" before and after cleaning

In honor of Michael Jordan's birthday this year, with a release date: May 25th, 2022, Nike produced a special edition sneaker. The Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Heritage". The White, University Red and Black colorway is a nod to the team he was on, the Chicago Bulls. The sneaker was originally inspired by the Travis Scott x fragment Air Jordan 1, but the blue has been replaced with red. This iconic silhouette has become can't-miss classic kicks. They graced our store, Dope Street Shoes, for a bang up job of getting resurrected with a good tear down, cleaning and restitch.  

The Nike Air Jordan 1 High line are classic Nike sneakers that have been around for many years. The “Heritage” being one of the most recent models.  Decked out in heritage-inspired colors like black and white, each pair is made from premium materials and comes with extra cushioning for comfort. These sneakers feature a leather upper with a hybrid toe cap and heel strap, full-length air tongue and lace closure for an easy on and off. And in black on the ankle collar, Jordan Wings logo. They are also lightweight to keep your feet cool during long games. 

This shoe line is great for any fan of the NBA and basketball in general. The sneaker has many different colorways, which means that there is a sneaker that will fit your personal style. These sneakers can be found at an authentic sneaker head store, like Dope Street Shoes.

Although the sneakers are an investment, they are well worth the money because they last for a long time and look great on anyone who wears them. If you are looking for a way to show your support for your favorite team, or just want to wear a cool sneaker, this sneaker is definitely worth considering. 

You don’t even have to be concerned about keeping your kicks clean. We have a full process for sanitizing, cleaning and renewing. Depending on the level of cleaning you want, we can accommodate. Just bring them to Dope Street Shoes, Dallas, TX and we’ll take care of them for you!  We do what it takes to freshen your kicks.  

We also have a wide selection of Nike’s to choose from. Look at our store inventory pictures and you will see everything from Baby Nike, through Youth size and into Adults with an incredible selection and competitive pricing. Come to us in the “Everything Ellum” store and peruse the shelves.  All shoes are shrink wrapped to protect them from dust and debris.

As a brand, Nike is known for its iconic lines of sneakers and apparel. It's been a leader in the industry since its inception in 1964, and it's seen some major success in recent years. Jordan is one of the most popular sneaker brands out there, and Nike has built an entire line of Air Jordan shoes based on his name. The Air Jordan 1 was one of the most popular sneakers from the original line, and this particular pair is a Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Heritage" that's been cleaned by Dope Street Shoes.

Check out the results of these cleaned up kicks!

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Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Front Before

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Front After

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Outside Left Before

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Outside Left After

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Outside Right Before

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Outside Right After

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Heritage Inside Bridge After cleaned by Dope Street Shoes in Dallas, Texas.

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