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There's limited, and then there's 5 or less of each size in the whole world.

Dope Street Shoes visionary founder Meest has got one of the rarer shoes in the world in his collection, the Jeremy Lacin Nike AJ1 "Freddy Krueger."

Having grown his business from out-of-his-home to beyond six-figures in just a few years, Jeremy Lacin has taken "decorating sneakers" and turned it on its head from redefining the custom sneaker craft market all the way up to an independent release of his own brand line of sneakers.

Dope Street Shoes caught up with Jeremy Lacin for this week's Daily Dope with 5 quick questions about where he's been and where he's going.

Dope Street Shoes:
So I saw in an interview that the Freddys had sold out every round, each year, the last year I saw referenced was, I think, year 4? - And then I saw a post in September, about Freddys hitting the street for the last time? Is that it for Freddys? No more? Keeping the numbers low? There's the zombies and the Texas chainsaw, so I suspect we haven't seen the last of blood-dripped kicks?

Jeremey Lacin:
The hype and love are there but we’re releasing Freddy’s for the last time this year. We have plenty of other horror sneakers on the way so definitely not the last of blood-drip.

Dope Street Shoes:
Freddy Kruger is pretty iconic; Freddy is on a few of the different top ten lists for greatest villains ever, he's in lots of media and iterations and homages. What was your moment of inspiration for doing a Freddy Kruger sneaker? Was it a customer request that turned into a regular thing or something from your own interest?

Jeremey Lacin:
Freddy Kruger as a character was always one that stuck with me in my nightmares from my childhood. I decided to challenge myself to see if I can do him some justice. Turns out, I did.

Dope Street Shoes:
You've mentioned never considering yourself as an artist or being an artist until after you got started customizing sneakers and quickly had to take the drawing and design on for yourself. Looking at your art and your design and your work, you've got a real mastery for matching and handling and balancing color. I see a lot of other sneaker work that is up to par in terms of illustration, but where the colors don't blend well or match each other or smooth out the balance of the design. For your own work, do you have a process for approaching color? How much do you actively think about color? Or has that just been, a natural part of discovering your artistic talent?

Jeremey Lacin:
I try to draw inspiration from the culture as well as randomizing my color palette as much as possible to include my personality. Where personality meets art, a masterpiece is created.

Dope Street Shoes:
You've added NFC tech to shoes, exotic materials, laser sculpting, you've tackled the Jordan 4 and the owner raves about your rebuild of that in his review. You've talked about specific clients that push your limits. What's the next big challenge? Have you got a new thing that you're aiming for now that you can talk about? What big cool thing lurks on the horizon - coming up?

Jeremey Lacin:
Currently we tapped into the corporate world showcasing custom sneakers with some of the biggest most predominant corporate offices around the world. I’m excited to see where that goes. Some of our new tech coming will be integrated solar panels, LED lighting and utilizing more sustainable materials.

Dope Street Shoes:
A diamond with a bite out of it is a logo with a statement. Where a lot of logos are swishes and circles and stylized letters, you've got one of the hardest substances around with a bunch of teeth marks and a chunk missing. A statement like, "my bite is harder than diamond" is present in your work ethic, and your uncompromising stance about your integrity in your brand. Is there any other specific symbolism or reference in your logo that's personal to you, or some other significance or someplace that you draw that logo inspiration from?

Jeremey Lacin:
You nailed it right on the head! I’m very determined to achieve my goals in this industry. I’ve always loved diamonds but at this point in my life, accomplishing my goals is bigger than materialism.

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"Where personality meets art, a masterpiece is created." - Jeremy Lacin

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